Conair GMT900 iStubble Facial Trimmer

  • Advanced blade technology with unique floating contoured head – Can be used on beards, mustaches, and goatees
  • Electronic motorized length control
  • Dual battery system
  • LCD display
  • Ergonomic design keeps your hand comfortable

I was skeptical when I bought this. A product that allows you to not take metal to your face and gives you a 5o’clock shadow? Well it does, does everything it says an with ease. I have used virtually ever ele tric razor/trimmer on the market and had finally given ino manual shaving for the past year until this gem came into my house.
It cuts your stubble to “shadow length” if preferred, and cuts it effortlessly. Easy to use, easy to clean, great price, great buy.

Conair gmt istubble facial trimmer1 Conair GMT900 iStubble Facial Trimmer