Hair Clipper Trimmer ER121


The clipper itself is a world voltage(-dual voltage) which can be connected with Recharger through automatic voltage selection depending which voltage the recharger is connected with. This type of Cord/Cordless clipper is compact and versatile because its application is mostly focused on trimming job.

Comes with Induction Charging Stand and full page English Manual.
Long lasting stainless steel blade.
World Voltage clipper with Automatic selection of the voltage between 100v~120V and 220~240V with the recharger
Cutting height: 0.02 Inch(0.5mm)-without attachment guide, 0.118 Inch(3mm) & 0.236 Inch(6mm) – with provided attachment guide blade
0.118 Inch(3mm)/0.236 Inch(6mm) – 2 cutting height in one blade comes with the unit.

The reason I gave this hair trimmer a 4 and not a 5 was because I have only had it for a month or so. So far it is performing great, it’s a smooth operating motor and cuts my hair very close to the skin. Is lightweight and fits nicely in your hand with very little to no vibration. If anyone is searching for a hair trimmer that cuts evenly and is of high quality, than look no further. Sure this is kind of expensive and I was a little cautious about paying this much but it’s well worth the price. It’s an item that I feel will last a few years and beyond. Another reason I chose this hair trimmer is because it came with dual voltage options and I travel quite a bit overseas, I would highly recommend this item to a friend.
Hair clipper trimmer er1 Hair Clipper Trimmer ER121