Norelco QC5345 Shaver

  • High quality Norelco washable, rechargeable
  • Ergonomic design with multi-grip handle for complete comfort
  • Energy star certified

WAY BETTER than Philips Norelco QC5530/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper
-Very lightweight You can hold it up and not get tired unlike other clippers
-, doesn’t even feel like your holding a clipper Doesn’t feel like a vibrator , it doesn’t shake and vibrat like crazy seriously I can’t even feel it when pressed against my head
-This is the best clipper I used for cutting my own hair
-Cordless Good charge& a
-A variety of lengths 3mm for fade/five oclock shalook for either head hair or beard/stubble
and the highest it goes is to 39 mm at this length you can style it & have 2 inches of hair
-Easy to use , first time I used it took me 5 mins now it takes me 2 mins especially great and fast for buzzcutsshort or long buzzcuts
– Counter comb design , you have to apply constant pressure or the comb will move away from the blades it’s doesn’t require alot of pressure infact it’s easy to mainten pressure but you incase you don’ want to t , THE SOLUTION is simple detach the comb attachment from the clipper , super glue the comb part that goes up away from the base it will now be flat it’s very easy to do & DONT WORRY your not super glueing near the clippers just the comb attachment which can be removed. Best clippers I used

Norelco qc shaver1 Norelco QC5345 Shaver