Oster Cordless Pocket Trimmer

  • Perfect for trimming around your dog’s face, ears, paws and sensitive areas
  • Compact cordless design weighs less than 0.5 lbs. and fits in the palm of your hand
  • Fast 5,800 rpm Rotary Motor is 2x faster than leading competitive units
  • Runs for up to 3 hours on 1 AA battery (sold separately)
  • Comes complete with Safety Guide Comb Attachment, Blade Cleaning Brush and Cleaning Oil

The Oster Cordless Trimmer is a compact trimmer specifically designed for dogs from Oster, the No.1 brand used by veterinarians in the USA. This versatile trimmer allows you to quickly and easily trim around your dog’s face, ears, paws and sensitive areas.

This little groomer allows me to do quick, simple groominging of my small dogs on a regular basis. Often before I would neglect some of the ‘maintenance’ grooming because I didn’t want to bathe them for use of the large (expensive) clippers. With this trimmer I can keep their faces and feet in a nice trim. The only BAD thing about this little trimmer is that it cuts out all the time due to a poor battery connection, and I have to give it a little knock against my other hand to get it to go again. I really wish it didn’t do that, but for the price and the conveniance it is worth that hassle. By the way I bought this exact same trimmer at W__-M____ for $8.97. WAY cheaper than here.
Oster cordless pocket trimmer1 Oster Cordless Pocket Trimmer