Philips Norelco CC5060 Kids Clipper

Hair Clippers-Wahl Chrome Pro Deluxe

The Philips Kids Clipper is the first hair clipper that is really designed for kids and made for moms. For both small children and their parents, getting a haircut can be a very stressful experience, both at a hair dresser and at home. The Kids Clipper is designed to make the child feel at ease, while giving maximum control to the mother. It is ultra quiet, which is especially important when cutting around the ears. With specially rounded comb tips and blades, the clipper will not scratch the child’s skin. Small and lightweight, it is easy to maneuver and less tiring for the mom. The clipper has a powerful Lithium Ion battery that charges in 8 hours and delivers enough power for over 3 haircuts (45 minutes of running time). Even if the battery is drained, the clipper can still be used corded. As with all Philips hair clippers, there aren’t extra pieces to juggle: this clipper has simply two integrated guide combs that adjust to cover all hair lengths up to 1.65in. Once selected, the guide comb is locked to ensure a clean and even haircut. The Kids Clipper comes with an extensive accessory pack, consisting of a storage pouch, styling comb and scissors, a cape and a How To DVD that shows mom everything she needs to know to create the most popular haircuts.

Designed for kids, made for moms. Giving children a haircut should be a stress-less experience. Introducing a unique hair clipper that’s quieter, safer and easier to use, for great haircuts every time! The new Philips Norelco Kids Clipper is simple to use with two combs that provide 15 length settings, and provides cordless use for freedom of movement during a cut. But cutting kids’ hair is as much about the how-to as the clipper. Included is a Philips Norelco DVD to help you and your child prepare for a fun hair cutting experience together.

My four-year-old son is a typical whirling dervish when I try to cut his hair (but he’s a little angel when I take him to a professional barber–go figure). In the past, when I’ve done the cutting, I’ve used the adult clippers that I use on my own head. So, I thought perhaps he’d be a little more accommodating if I were use something like the Philips model. Mmmn, not so much.

Just to make clear what I’m comparing the Philips model to: I use a Forfex clippers model on my own head; it cost about $120 or so, is rechargeable/cordless, and comes with lots of attachments. Before I owned that, I had a cheapo Wahl model, maybe $25; it had a cord, got very hot, and made loud zapping noises when I turned it on. My parents had one just like it when I was a kid, and I remembered being scared by that zapping.

The Philips model *is* quiet–but no quieter than the Forfex model. I’ll go out on a limb and say that most rechargeable clippers are going to be of similar quietness.

It is very nice that you only have to worry about two adjustment add-ons (the slide-on adapters that let you set the length of hair cut, from 1 inch to 1-3/4 inch with one adapter, and from 1/8th inch to 7/8ths inch with the other adapter). But the adapters seem pretty flimsy to me.

Furthermore, the product description talks about “Rounded tips [that] protect skin and ensure a comfortable cutting experience,” and that’s true, but only if you keep the adapters on. On the smaller adapter you can get down to 1/8th inch, and that sounds pretty close, but it didn’t get close enough around the ears. So, I removed the adapter to trim around the ears, and of course, when Junior did his Linda Blair imitation, I nicked him.

With the Forfex model I use, you can adjust the cutting depth without an adapter from 0.8mm to 2.8mm. On the Philips, without the adapter, I’d estimate that the minimum cut is about 0.8mm too–but you can’t adjust it any higher. The minimum cutting depth with the smaller adapter is 1/8th inch, which converts to about 3.0mm. So, you can either cut at 3.0mm and avoid nicks, or cut at 0.8mm and risk it–and nothing in between.