Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro Hair Clippers

  • Color coded guide combs make it easy to remember everyone’s favorite hair length, every time you cut
  • Color coded keys make it easy to correspond the correct comb to the right setting
  • Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades are precision ground to stay sharp longer
  • Ideal for head and total body grooming
  • Soft touch grip for comfort and control

The wahl color pro 20 piece complete haircutting kit is perfect for performing professional quality haircuts at home. the clipper includes a comfort grip for easy handling, adjustable taper control and wahl exclusive accessories. kit includes: mc clipper, blade guard, 12 colored guide combs, barber comb, styling comb, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, english/spanish instructions/styling guide. 6 inch handled storage case.

I bought this today after reading reviews that it has a powerful motor. I usually get a #2 on the side, and #5 on top. I haven’t had a haircut in 4 months, so my hair was a long and thick. This clipper cut right through it, no problems. Only bogged down twice.

This is the first time I cut my own hair. It turned out as good as the barber. This comes with good instructions, and links to Wahl’s website with videos showing how to give different haircuts. It says to start with a thick guide. But, since I knew I always get #2 and #5, I did that, using #3 & 4 to blend the side and top. Turned out fine.

I usually pay $15 (including tip), but save money by delaying haircuts for 3-4. If this thing lasts 2-3 years, I’m going to save $120-$180. Plus, I’ll cut my hair more often.

For the price, I’m impressed with the quality of the clipper. It’s heavy and the motor feels powerful. The plastic case leaves a little to be desired. Everything’s loose in it. And, I worry the plastic guides won’t last long. But, for $20, it almost paid for itself with the first cut.

I’m usually leery of cheap products. I was going to spend $120-$150 for a professional-grade Oster Classic 76. But, since I’ve never cut my own hair before, I was worried about making that kind of investment. Based on the positive reviews, I gambled on this Wahl. I’m glad I did. The quality is definitely worth more than the $20 price. And, the instructional materials were valuable for a first-timer like me.

I was thinking when this breaks (after the experience I would have obtained at a low price) I might invest in a professional clipper. But, I don’t know. If it lasts 2-3 years it’s probably a better value to pay $20 for that length of use compared to a more expensive pro model requiring blade sharpening, replaced motor brushes, etc.

I bought this kit to replace a Wahl “Designer” which developed a problem after about 10 years of home haircutting and would have cost more to fix than this kit cost as a replacement.

The clipper is quiet and works well. It gives the impression of a lot of power in reserve, and doesn’t heat up in the hand. I was pleasantly surprised by the left and right angled guide combs used for the ears, which are included in the kit. They made that part of the haircut really easy. After years of cutting my hair with only the straight guide combs that came with my old clippers, I didn’t think I would use them, but I tried them once and I’m very happy I did. They’re great, and if you bought them separately, they would go for about half the price of the kit, making the kit a bargain.

The clipper itself is intended for home use and feels like it, unlike my old one, which felt a bit more heavy-duty. But this one does as good a job of cutting my hair, and costs about half as much. If it lasts half as long as the old ones did, I’ll be more than satisfied.

Editing to update after a little over four years (probably about 40 haircuts, although I haven’t kept an actual count): The clipper is still going strong, without any problem.

I am a college student, and I bought these hair clippers so I wouldn’t have to mess with finding a barber who I can trust to cut my own hair. I had no experience whatsoever with cutting hair, and I’ve found that it is really easy with these clippers. They come with a number of different attachments that makes the very easy to use without worrying about completely ruining my hair. They also have instructions which aid in learning how to cut, and a nice plastic cape so you don’t get hair all over yourself.

Everything works properly, and it works well. Best of all, it is cheaper than most comperable products out there.

I highly recommend this.

Wahl color pro hair clippers1 Wahl 79300 400 Color Pro Hair Clippers