Wahl 79520-3101 Groom Pro Hair Clippers

High carbon steel blades are precision ground to stay sharp longer
Trimmer is perfect for touch-ups and trimming
Great for short styles, to touch up sideburns and necklines
Useful for total body grooming
Made in the usa

Groom pro 22 piece haircutting kit includes a multi-cut corded clipper, clipper blade guard, cordless touch-up trimmer, trimmer blade guard, durable storage case, barber comb, styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, 2 trimmer guide combs, 12 clipper guide combs, and english/spanish instructions and styling guide.

I’m a college student who just got these, been using other peoples’ clippers for a while and these are by far the best. Strong and feels sturdy, the touch up trimmer also works extremely well. The clips on them are a little flimsy, but still a great set.

I’d definitely recommend these clippers. I got my pair a few months ago and now all I want to do is use them. I had never cut my own hair before getting these, and now I feel confident that anyone can do it. The portable trimmer is also awesome. I’ve used another cheap trimmer like it, but this one is way better than the $15 Remington one I had. The downside is it only has two attachments (it doesn’t use the corded clipper attachments). I found that the longer of the two is the perfect length for my beard, so it’s not a big deal. I should note that I keep my ‘beard’ fairly short.

The only thing this kit is missing is a mirror (and maybe a small scissors), but you can always get one at another store.

Clippers arrived on time and work great. Have 2 boys who like buzz cuts and this will pay for itself in just one use on each boy. The little trimmer clipper works great on the neck and cuts clean. Will be great for touch ups. Will have to order more oil as the tiny little container that comes with it has just a very small amount. Over all I am very pleased with both the clippers and the price.

Wahl groom pro hair clippers1 Wahl 79520 3101 Groom Pro Hair Clippers