Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Hair Clippers

  • Easy to follow step by step full color instructions
  • Detail trimmer, contoured shape and precision edged/self sharpening blades, is perfect for touch-ups
  • 2x the run time 40 minutes typical
  • 15 minute quick charge provides 12 minute run time
  • Easily cuts the thickest hair with 50% more power than standard wahl electromagnetic motor clippers

The wahl 79600-2101 lithium ion cordless clipper kit includes; multi-cut clipper, blade guard, detail trimmer, blade guard, soft storage case, 2 hair clips, barber comb, styling comb, cleaning brush, blade oil, scissors, barber cape, 14 guide combs, left ear taper, right ear taper, eyebrow guide, ear trim guide, full color english and spanish instructions.

I bought this primarily for the Lithium Ion battery given that my prior Wahl harit clippers were NiCad and 15+ years old and I had changed batteries twice already.

What’s improved:
-Lithium Ion batteries: are a big improvement over Ni Cad (which have annoying ‘memory’) or even NiMH (which don’t have memory but lose charge just sitting unused). Lithium Ion batteries hold a charge for a very long time so are an excellent choice for this device.
-Adjustable head: with no attachments clipped on the head, theis lever permits adjusting how close the clipper will cut. This is handy for trimming around the ears.
-Modern design: sleeker and more comfortable in the hand than the old design
-Accessories: lots of clipper accessories in this kit …more size selections than previous kits — probably more than you’ll ever need since a 3-4 size would have been fine but you get more than a half-dozen for the clipper-Packaging: comes in a zip case that hold everything.
-Bonus trimmer (that runs on one AA-cell) … and about as many clip-ons for the little trimmer as for the clipper (way mre than you’ll likely ever need.

Minor faults:
-Non-removeabel head: one of the reasons I think the old trimmer head lasted so long is that the head was removeable so could easily be cleaned and thoroughly lubricated after each use. I did this after every use (only takes a minute or two) and after 15 years of regular family haircuts it worked as flawlessly as it did on day-1 (except for the old NiCad batteries) This new design does not permit removing the head. Instread you just blow out the debris, use the small included brush to ‘whisk’ away any hairs and the place 2-3 drops of oil on the head, run it for 2 seonds to spread the oil across the head, wipe it with a tissue and put it away for the next use. However, I’d prefer if the head were removeable so it can more easily be cleaned.
-Supplied oil: a very small amount of special, non-gumming, head lubricating oil is provided. However, if you clip the spout and put the cap on it WILL leak all over the case, so either keep the oil separate r put it in another container. This is an annoyance, especially since Walh tells you this is special oil and don’t use a different oil. That said, on th eold clipper I used a professional serwing machine service oil and never had any problem. Since the supplied oil will only last a dozen uses or so, you’ll want to pick some up.
-Scissors: the scissors they supply with the kit are, understandable, cheap …but they do work. Do yourself a favor and go online and buy a good pair of barbers scissors if you plan to do any serious scissors cutting, then the ones from the kit can be used in teh workshop of for your kids class projects icon wink Wahl 79600 2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Hair Clippers The scissors work fine but are clumsy for serious haricutting chores.

Overall I gave this product a 4 out of 5 stars for the above reasons (chintzy oil container and scissors) but I would nothesitate to recommend it — it’s the best home-use clipper and trimmer on the market especially at this price. Overall it’s an improvement over the prior Wahl NiCad clipper kits and the Lithium Ion battery works awesome — you can put it way after a couple of uses and take it out a month later and there’s no loss of charge. I’ve done two haircuts back-to-back on a fully charged battery, then did another a month later and there was still plenty of charge. Only drawback to Li Ion is that onc eit runs out of charge it happens quickly …with little warning. Good thing is that you can plug it in for just 15 (if needs be) and won’t affect the overall capacity (no memory) of the battery. So, I’d recommend you charge it fully after every two or three haircuts and should be fine on battery capacity.

The small single-AA trimmer (for mustache and neck-line etc) works surprisingly well …still on the original AA battery after several uses and seems just as strong as first use, so my guess is the battery will last quite some time.

Wahl lithium ion cordless hair clippers1 Wahl 79600 2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Hair Clippers