Wahl Professional 8051 5-star Series Razor Edger

  • Razor-close cutting for crisp outlines
  • Baldes adjust to “zero-overlap”
  • Exterior screw adjustment tunes the trimmer to power
  • Includes bonus 3 cutting guides
  • Includes pre-shave brush, styling comb, red blade guard, oil, cleaning brush and operating instructions

Powerful professional corded trimmer. scoop-nose design. blades adjust to “zero-overlap.” exterior power screw tunes trimmer to power source.

Normally I’m an Andis man, I was kind of skeptical about venturing outside my realm of comfort. Not only did I get these clippers light years cheaper than buying them at Sally’s, but these trimmers are AMAZINGLY ACCURATE!!! Pin point precise. In fact, I had to adjust the blades so that my bone wasn’t exposed!! Anyway, just for the record, if they are too sharp, all it takes is a little adjustment with couple of screw turns (as with any clippers that you normally get right out the box; either they feel like they don’t cut, or they’re too sharp…simple re-adjustment!)

Wahl professional star series razor edger1 Wahl Professional 8051 5 star Series Razor Edger